Team Precis Joins the Greater Philadelphia Architect's Softball League
Posted 2022-08-04 in Articles

This year, Team Precis made its debut in the Greater Philadelphia area Architect's Softball League, a non-competitive coed softball league in which teams play for the purpose of fellowship and comradery among local AEC industry firms. The Precis team, made up of 38 men and women from the firm’s architecture, engineering, and project management groups, was led by Head Coach and Team Manager, Alex Vasile, (Electrical Engineer), and Co-Captains, Tim Pacella (Sr. Mechanical Engineer) and Shea Harris (Mechanical Engineer).

Representing Precis in bright orange and blue jersey’s, the team started it’s 12-game season with enthusiasm and determination to earn its place in the league. Every Wednesday evening, from May through August, the team gathered for a pre-game practice at Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park before making its way onto the field to take on the opposing team. Colleagues from Precis and their family members joined in the stands to cheer on Team Precis, grilled hot dogs (courtesy of Sr. Electrical Engineer, Doug Freidly), Philly soft pretzels, and beverages in hand. Jim Moule, Director of Talent Aqcuisition, and the team’s number one fan didn’t miss a single game.

After a two-game warmup, team Precis earned its first win over the O’Donnell & Naccarato team who made a strong comeback late in the game, but Team Precis’ secret weapon reliever, Felicity Levy (Mechanical Engineer), came out to throw a nearly perfect 7th inning to close out the nail-biter with Precis in the lead, 18-16. Several more games played persistently through the mid-summer heat led Team Precis to another victory, this time over CBRE in week 9, and thanks to some stellar pitching from Greg Fusco (Sr. Electrical Engineer), homeruns from Brandon Burkey (Mechanical Engineer) and Chase Nell (Architectural Co-Op), and a great overall team effort.

Team Precis closed out the season with a .500+ batting average and recognition for some truly impressive plays. Congrats to the entire team on a great first season and kudos to the team's heavy hitters, Chase Nell (leading the team with 4 home runs), Tim Pacella (3 homeruns), Brandon Burkey (2 homeruns), and Andrew Brouwers (1 homerun), Kenny Dronzek (1 homerun), Jim Geraghty (1 homerun), Shea Harris (1 homerun), Anthony Janeiro (1 homerun).

The team is currently preparing for week two of the League’s “play-to-win” post-season consolation bracket. All of us at Precis will be cheering them on!