Kristina Pumphrey, PE, Joins Precis Engineering to Lead Our New Process Engineering Group
Posted 2018-05-07 in Announcements

Veteran process engineer and operations excellence executive Kristina Pumphrey, PE, has joined Precis to lead our new process engineering group.

Process engineers are responsible for ensuring a robust process to reliably manufacture products in a safe and efficient manner. The key, according to Kristina, is to translate client user requirements into working facilities by specifying the equipment, controls, and interconnecting piping in an efficient layout that meets cGMP and regulatory requirements and results in a quality product. Kristina’s two decades of experience span the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Her expertise includes material handling, potent compounds, and hazard analysis.

“Kristina is an accomplished change-agent and a strategic leader,” said Principal Vincent O’Brien, PE. “She has a keen eye for identifying improvement opportunities. We are confident that her process engineering expertise will immediately support efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients.”

“I am excited about the opportunity to expand Precis’ existing process engineering capabilities,” said Kristina. “I look forward to helping our clients find the right process and equipment solutions to get the most out of their investments and advance on the best path.”

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