The 1.4 million SF warehouse utilizes an H&V system with twenty-six (26) exhaust fans, with four (4) exhaust fans on VFD to provide the minimum ventilation, and the other twenty-two (22) fans are staged on to limit the temperature increase in the warehouse to 2°F, equivalent to 2 air changes per hour.  The warehouse is heated using twenty (20) direct fired heating units that turn-on on demand.  High volume, low-speed fans are used throughout the warehouse to increase airflow and de-stratify the space while in heating mode. 

Precis evaluated two mechanical systems for the 44,000 SF office, VAV DX Gas fired rooftop units with electric reheat and electric perimeter heat versus fan coil units with a dedicated outdoor air system.  All mechanical equipment selections were driven by energy efficiency.  The lighting system in the office and warehouse used high efficiency LED lighting with integral motion and daylight sensors.

Precis Engineering worked directly with the project owner, and architect to evaluate all energy saving options for the building façade and roof insulation values.  Precis worked with an environmental engineer to evaluate the risk of heat stress and strain on all employees in the heated and ventilated warehouse.  The highest risk areas were designed with mechanical cooling systems, while in other areas the addition of air movement was used to reduce the risk at work stations. The project was awarded LEED Gold certification.