This project consisted of upgrading the utilities for a vivarium to provide N+1. It included the addition of a new section of the building to house two new 34,000 CFM air handling units, two new 125 BHP boilers and new switchgear. Also, the project included two new generators, transformers, exhaust fans, and the relocation of an existing chiller. Precis was responsible for the total detailed design and construction administration. Precis managed the project, performed the MEP portion of the work, and sub-contracted the architectural, civil engineer, and structural engineer.

A Basis of Design was provided by Cephalon. However, Precis determined that the concept in the Basis of Design would put the vivarium at risk. Precis proposed a new concept that would have less effect on the operation of the vivarium, reduce the number of equipment, and reduce the budget. This was accomplished by providing the equipment described above and arranging it in such a manner that it could be commissioned independently; allowing one major tie-in to the existing building systems and only having one short shutdown of the vivarium.