Avantor Operations Sustainability Assessment
Precis was selected as a strategic partner to Avantor to support the development of the company’s corporate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction goals. Precis was brought on-board because Avantor wanted to set goals based on actionable GHG reduction opportunities. The top five energy consuming facilities across North America were evaluated to identify energy and water conservation opportunities. Potential energy, water, Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHG), and cost savings were quantified for each site’s portfolio of opportunities. Order of magnitude implementation costs for each opportunity at each site were developed. Precis integrated opportunities identified with existing capital project plans where applicable to address operational benefits and business needs wherever possible. Best practices and recommendations across the facilities were also identified. Precis adhered to an aggressive schedule to support Avantor’s global GHG reduction timeline. Detailed surveys of five complex manufacturing facilities across North America, development of detailed scope of work for each recommendation, quantification of GHG and cost reduction potential, and development of order of magnitude implementation costs all occurred in under three months. Execution required deep collaboration across all levels of the organization, which will continue as Avantor continues to prioritize sustainability and realizes their carbon reduction goals.