Consulting Services

Evaluating the efficiency of current systems or anticipating needs for the future are concerns of many of our clients. Maximizing energy usage for a better bottom line and a better environment is also a priority. In addition to providing comprehensive engineering design, Precis offers a range of technical consultation services alone or in conjunction with a larger project. Examples of studies and assessments include the following:

  • Pipe stress analysis - KAEPIPE
  • Hydronic modeling - Flo-Series
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) - Fuuent/Cool/SIM
  • 3-Dimensional Parametric Modeling - Revit 2015
  • Short circuit studies
  • Overcurrent device coordination
  • Arc flash analysis and implementation
  • Data center computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling
  • Power system harmonics analysis
  • Flammable and combustible hazardous environment evaluations
  • HVAC hour-by-hour modeling for real-time consumption and cost analysis - Carrier HAP
  • Utility rate structure modeling for energy savings
  • Utility cost reduction evaluation studies